Mecosta County Agricultural Free Fair Rules and Regulations Governing Race Horse Barns

Rules and Regulations regarding the rental and use of the horse barns and stable area at the Mecosta County Fair Grounds, as Amended April 1992.

Effective January 1, 1987

  1. New barn thirty dollars per month per stall
  2. Old barn twenty dollars per month per stall.


  1. All rent shall be paid one month in advance. Example: January rent is due January 1st.
  2. Staff rent is to be paid and the stalls to be assigned by stall Superintendent Mike Brown.
  3. The trainer is responsible for the stall rent for horses in charge.
  4. Rent not paid by the 10th of the month will result in an additional charge of five dollars per stall.
  5. Any rental charges that are 30 days in arrears will result in immediate eviction.
  6. Stall areas will be kept clean and neat.
  7. Excessive drinking, profanity or fighting will NOT be allowed.
  8. Borrowing of equipment not allowed without owners consent.
  9. No cross ties in new barn except for shoeing.
  10. Any damage to stalls, stall doors, fencing or to the grounds shall be repaired at the expense of the renter responsible.
  11. No stall will be rented for brood mares, colts or other non-racing horses not in training.
  12. All jogging will be done on the outside of the track.
  13. No dogs allowed on the fair grounds.
  14. Horses shall be fed and watered regularly.
  15. The last person leaving the barn will turn off lights and radios.
  16. Horses will be exercised and/or turned loose only in the designated exercise area. No horse or horses shall ever be turned loose on the track or in the infield, or in the 4-H Show Ring.
  17. The horse stalls and the grounds around the horse barns shall be kept clean and orderly at all times. All manure and other litter must be cleaned from the building and entrance ways and kept away from the buildings.
  18. All standard bred harness horses will be required to have a coggins test.

Failure or refusal to comply with any of the above regulations shall be grounds for the immediate removal of the horse or horses from the fair grounds at the owner's expense.

Failure to comply with any of the foregoing conditions will result in dismissal from the grounds and a written report of such citation to the United Trotting Association.